Rethink the Bronx: Winter Edition

This “Rethink the Bronx” entry is dedicated to a season that people should “rethink”. There’s a lot of negativity towards the Winter, but it remains my second favorite time of year behind the Fall. I love how quiet things are in the Winter and everything looks even more quiet and peaceful when it snows. The recent snowstorm piled nearly a foot of snow on my borough. This was the perfect opportunity to go out and take some shots at Pelham Bay Park.

This has been a slow time of year for pictures, but I will be back with some more Local Celebrity Theatre (Hairspray!) and I will be returning to New Orleans, the city that inspired me to go out and buy a camera in the first place. I’ll also try to weasel my way into more concerts with my camera. Can’t wait to be taking more pictures and video in the future!


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